Never Be…

Fat, Dumb, Broke & Lonely.


Life is meant to be lived. Richly. Read essays from the book by Doc Kane and new essays coming at you each and every week through 2021!

New from Doc Kane. Hollywood story analyst, researcher for The History Channel, and best selling author and team translator of The Rubber Band King of Lopatcong, Legend of the Master, and Wish Fulfilled—a super short and sweet book learned in the trenches of life. Nuggets of wisdom to apply and share. Get your life on track to where you want it for 2021 and beyond with Never Be Fat, Broke, Dumb, & Lonely Again.

How to Never Be Fat, Dumb, Broke & Lonely Again, Doc Kane
How to Be Fit and Live Fit

How To Never Be Fat Again

Learn how to: successfully decrease calories the way millions of others do around the world with simple pattern hacks. And more!

How to Learn, Be Smart, and Impress

How To Never Be Dumb Again

Learn how to: quit, or subdue, distracting or destructive habits that are holding you back from success. And more!

How to Manage Your Finances, Earn More, and Live Well

How To Never Be Broke Again

Learn how to: boost and control your finances while getting smarter at the same time. And more!

How to Strengthen Your Relationships

How To Never Be Lonely Again

Learn how to: strengthen your communication skills so you find love and stay in love. And more!

How It Works


Mind your Body.

Strengthen the base of your pyramid. Everything else stems first, from it. Exercise. Eat Well. Sleep Well. Read more...


Mind Your Mind.

Culture a strong mind, and you'll remain intersting, and interested in life. Read more...


Mind Your Money.

Mananging our money isn't about being wealthy, or penny pinching. But it is critical. Read more...


Mind Your Heart.

Without enriching relationships, we sail alone and sailing life's ship is difficult even with a good crew. Read more...

Read More From the Book!

Spend money on a good pan.

Spend money on a good pan.

One good pan will grant you many gifts when you take care of it. You’ll spend more than you’ve ever considered sensible on a single kitchen implement, but the rewards are worth it. What rewards? Well, for one, a good pan will…

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Don’t set all those reminders.

Don’t set all those reminders.

This one was difficult for me to relinquish. I used to have alarms that reminded me to set an alarm. Not kidding. Finally, my wife (our significant others are so critical to our success) suggested I just try to remember things. Um, what? I can't remember things....

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Sit down and have an information party.

Sit down and have an information party.

A number of years ago, a friend organized a weekly breakfast gathering with a few business chaps he came to know through friends. He invited me along (the writer) for comedy relief, I suppose. At the table each week was a big shot lawyer, an accountant, a real estate...

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Make Your Own Spice Blends

Make Your Own Spice Blends

Ah, spice. It brings alive the most mundane of dishes, seasons the plainest of dough. For centuries, kings and queens treasured their luxury, explorers traveled the world in search of new permutations, and governments fought to control the distribution of these...

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