PAMPER Yourself.

Women do this right. Typically. Men, not so much. In Japan, there is this lovely culture surrounding bathing. Not showering, that’s for heathens. I’m talking about soaking your sore, tired, worked-far-too-long-today body in a nice bath. And, not once a week, or once a month, but every day. In the U.S. we tend to consider taking a bath a hassle. You’ve gotta fill up the tub, drain the damn thing, deal with soap scum, a now icky shower curtain… not so in Japan. For one, the soapy tub problem is dealt with by, well, not using soap in the tub. Also, no shower curtain. Yay! In most homes, bathrooms are constructed as a single unit in most homes, so the soaping is done tub side before, or after, the bathing is complete. Am I saying you should tear apart your bathroom and install a Japanese model? If you can afford it, yes. Or, just bathe frequently and clean the darn thing right after you finish. When you find time to take care of yourself, whether it be treating yourself to a bath, a nice meal, a walk in the park, a session at a nail salon, or a trip to the shooting range, you’re taking care of your human side. Do more of that.

How It Works


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