EXCISE this fightin' word from your vocabulary.

YOU! You did this. I don’t like it when you do that. How could you do such a thing? Why can’t you be more like… Riding shotgun to using a person’s name in conversation, you is a magnet to our subconscious. It holds equally powerful sway over our perception when used in a negative context, and, as such, is deadly when used in disagreement. You, is kindling to an argument, gasoline to one already heated. One way to dampen a raging argument, or stay far from the matches in the first place, is to avoid using the word you altogether. Doing so will add creativity to your disagreement style, quell accusations, and temper your speed (you rolls off the tongue rather nicely). The result: better outcomes. Want a few suggestions? Flip things by using I and we. Also, the use of I feel and that thing can be particularly constructive, as in: “When the dishes are a little dirty it can take the steam out of my appetite.” Notice something there? Not one single person is to blame in that statement. Ditch you.

How It Works


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