SPEND money on a good pan.

One good pan will grant you many gifts when you take care of it. You’ll spend more than you’ve ever considered sensible on a single kitchen implement, but the rewards are worth it. What rewards? Well, for one, a good pan will have you using less oil. Oil isn’t evil, but, in general, we do tend to use too much of it. And, since too much of anything is, well, too much, that’s a plus. Second, a good pan will reduce your cleanup time. Things won’t stick as much, and you’ll recapture time you can use elsewhere. Third, your efficiency will vastly improve. By using the right tool for the right job, your meals will come together more quickly (or more slowly), taste better, and be more nutritious. It’s a tall order for a single piece of equipment, but then again when you drop a lot of coin on a single pan, you want to get what you can out of it. A final note. If you have the dough, buy three: a stock pot for stews and pasta, a small ceramic pot you can use for sauce and soup making, and a sauté pan for everything else. If you’re only buying one, go for a single deep sauté pan and use it for everything. Eat well, my friend!

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