FORGET to charge your phone.

When was the last time you purposely allowed your cell phone battery to die? Recently? Never? Give it a try. First, aim for 24 hours without a charge. Then two days, then three. Work you way up to it if you have to. Once you’ve gone three days, though, if I were a bettin’ man, I’d say you will have almost shaken the habit. I had a conversation with a police officer here in Japan recently. She told me she’s attached to her phone just about every minute she’s not on the job. Often, she’s using the phone for learning and watching Netflix. Shortly after telling me this, she became quite reflective—wondering what she did those many years ago when she studied abroad and didn’t have a phone. What did she do when she was on the bus? When at home with nothing to do? When there were just moments of quiet? She realized she was likely doing, well, nothing. Being a person, and just sitting there. Maybe she was staring out the window, or thinking what she might want to eat for dinner, or about a friend. Forget your phone for a day, or three…or, for a month. Or, forever. And see what you end up remembering.

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