DON'T set all those reminders.

This one was difficult for me to relinquish. I used to have alarms that reminded me to set an alarm. Not kidding. Finally, my wife (our significant others are so critical to our success) suggested I just try to remember things. Um, what? I can’t remember things. That’s why I need the reminders. Apparently, I didn’t need them. They were just a crutch, and a symptom of having too many things on my plate. So, naturally, and quite quietly, I forgot that which wasn’t actually important. Usually, my alarms were for things I thought I should be doing, but didn’t really want or need, to do. Things like squeezing in a workout before work, or spending an hour on my novel within that same time frame. Like an idiot, I thought I could do those two things, eat, get ready for work, walk the dog… what was I nuts? By skipping the incessant alarms, I was forced to keep that which was important to me in my memory until I actually set that goal in motion—or give up on it altogether. And, that worked. Alarms are the new to-do lists. And never completing your goals makes both you and David Allen unhappy campers. Save yourself!

How It Works


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