SIT down and have an information party.

A number of years ago, a friend organized a weekly breakfast gathering with a few business chaps he came to know through friends. He invited me along (the writer) for comedy relief, I suppose. At the table each week was a big shot lawyer, an accountant, a real estate developer, and my buddy, a funeral home director. And, I gotta tell you, sitting down with these cats for Mexican breakfasts each week was about the best damn business learning I’d done in years. Peter Drucker books had nothing on these guys. And, it only cost about eight bucks a pop. Put together your own group. Start with someone you know who likes to talk; someone who owns a business. If you think you don’t know anyone, ask your insurance agent if he’d like to join you. Everyone has an agent, and they all love to schmooze. Setting up a group like this will provide you with so much insight into business and life, and you will learn SO much about things you would never learn otherwise. If I were to ask you if you’d be willing to spend 52 weeks a year and maybe $520 smackers for a masters degree in business and life would you take me up on it? I sure would. Aside from choosing the right life partner, it might just be the best investment you ever make.

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Mind your Body.

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Mind Your Money.

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