LAUNCH You, Inc.

If you reside in America and haven’t established a company to help lower your taxes, provide greater income flexibility to your family and do good things for your community and the world, then you’re beyond silly. Read up on how to do it. You’ll wonder why the hell it took you so long. At it’s simplest stage you just have to simply declare it. As in… like, right now. Zero paperwork. Just… I’m a company! Then, once you get moving, there are all sorts of things you can pursue paperwork-wise, status wise, and all sorts of advice you can get, both free and paid. But, jeez, start now. Take that idea you’ve been allowing to bounce around in your head forever, and just do something with it already. Today. Go!

How It Works


Mind your Body.

Strengthen the base of your pyramid. Everything else stems first, from it. Exercise. Eat Well. Sleep Well. Read more...


Mind Your Mind.

Culture a strong mind, and you'll remain intersting, and interested in life. Read more...


Mind Your Money.

Mananging our money isn't about being wealthy, or penny pinching. But it is critical. Read more...


Mind Your Heart.

Without enriching relationships, we sail alone and sailing life's ship is difficult even with a good crew. Read more...