KNOW your macros.

To know where you’re going, you gotta first know where you’re at. That means having a handle on your largest expenses and contrary to every finance article you’ll read, they’re not the same for everyone. Run your accounting as if you were an accountant. And, do it religiously for at least a year. Doing so will give you a feel for how you’re really spending your money. Use an online program like, or software like QuickBooks. To get true insight into your finances, you’ve got to track every penny. Guessing and averaging out an expense category after tracking loosely for two months won’t cut it. Rounding up or down, won’t cut it. You’ve got to know your numbers. Do you know your cholesterol number? Your blood pressure? Your waist circumference? Your triglycerides? You should. Likewise, you should know your annual transportation expenses—all of them. Insurance cost. Utilities. Dining out. All your grocery and home supply spending (that means all spices, oils, sauces, bulk food, cleaning supplies, etc). Once you’ve done this for a year, you will be master of your wallet, and know precisely where to cut. And, cut, cut, cut, you will my friend. Soon, very soon, you will be the Yoda of Home Ec.

How It Works


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